This website…

…is dedicated to holding those that are Missing, and the Families and Friends of those that are Missing, in the highest possible light.

It is dedicated to attempting to help assist those looking for Loved Ones and Friends.

It is dedicated to attempting to help locate those that are Missing, in the safest, quickest and most sensible way possible, whilst at the same time paying great attention to the will of the Person who is actually Missing.

People have every right to disappear if they wish too. However, those that are looking for loved ones have an equal right to search, (in my opinion).

It is very much hoped that the work of this website will benefit the Missing Persons Field and not hinder it. So long as it benefits it, it will continue to function. Should it hinder it, the website will cease to exist.

This website will work with minimal social media help or exposure. It will be run through information found in newspapers, through posters seen in public areas, through word of mouth, through travels around the UK and Europe and through contact via this website.

For the time being I will be sharing the details of a maximum of ten UK Citizens that have gone missing either in the UK or in Europe.

Thank you for looking at this site.

How do we help initiate calmness?

20200119_134717 (1)

This picture was taken in the afternoon on Sunday 19th January, this year, 2020. This is a view of the South West coastal area of the island of El Hierro, the furthest South and West of the Canary islands. This area of sea is called Mar Las Calmas, (Calm Sea).  It is part of the Atlantic ocean.  If you set sail on a sail boat, ordinarily, and with no mishaps and a near on constant North Easterley wind, you should reach the Caribbean within three to four weeks at an average speed of 5 or 6 knots an hour.

The high hill I am sat on shelters Las Calmas from the North Easterlies.  There was a gentle cool breeze yesterday, the only noise from that gentle breeze made by its journey through the pine trees.  The cool air here makes breathing easy.  The silence makes thinking easier.  It is the sort of place that reminds you that amongst the stresses of life, somehow, all can be well, somehow.

But how can you say this to someone who has a loved one or a friend who has gone missing?  How can you say to someone in this position that all will be well?

Because sometimes all is not well, all will not be well, and hope at all is hard to imagine, let alone find.

Can people who are suffering daily, minute by minute, second by second find some form of calmness amongst the madness and torture of their feelings?

Is there any way on Earth, or any thing on Earth that can give these people at least momentary times of calmness. periods of time, however small when they can feel at peace with their world, even if to return to their madness and torture shortly afterwards?

Are there words that can be said?  Are there places they can go?  Are there people they can talk to?  Are there people they can hold, are there people that will hold them?

The torture, grief, not knowing, horror and depression associated to people when loved ones and friends go missing is almost otherwordly.

These people need to feel a belonging.  They need, amongst their tortured feelings to still be, and feel, a part of this working World.

Through moments of calm can we somehow help their present situations?  We, as a World community must be able to do something, somethings, to ease their pain.

How can we start to create moments of ´clamness´ for those presently in so much pain?

( A blogpost from the island of El Hierro. An island, raw, dramatic and up close to nature).


Is that a word?  Is to be without a laptop-laptopless?  I don’t know.  But I think I might be without, for a while.  Having said that, after having tossed a coin as to whether to leave my personal laptop in Portugal whilst travelling to Spain and the result being I left it in Portugal, as soon as I arrived at my destination I was offered the use of a laptop-without even asking.  But I’m stopping tossing coins for the time being.  I am doing without a laptop.  I will be using my…


With El Hierro feeling the North East Trade winds on a near on constant daily basis, nature has to adapt to withstand the pressures.  I need the help of a professional photographer, for one of the most amazing things I have discovered in my walkings on this island, are the amazing spider’s webs.  The photograph I include below is of poor quality.  It is also not the type of web I wish to show.  But having caught sight of it as I was driving down the road, here is an example of the intricacy and strength associated with Canarian spider’s webs.  If you stop by my blog in another few weeks, I hope to show you some real beauties.


Walking in the pine forests high up on the volcano rim, with strong firm boots for safe hiking, (Christmas present.  Thank you Folks)…


…I can only revel in the cool refreshing air that equals any mountain air I have ever breathed before.  The silence of the forests, the pine needles underfoot, the forever green leaves, make breathing a joy.  Health comes with every breath.


The North East trade winds have provided El Hierro the opportunity to harness the wind’s energy and becomes the first 100% renewable energy island in the World.  The wind farm has the ability to meet El Hierro’s demand for electricity.  Any surplus energy is used to pump water up to two reservoirs, one at 700 metres above sea level, the other at 50 metres above sea level.  The water can then be used via hydraulic means to produce extra energy when needed.  Should energy levels drop unexpectedly then as a last resort diesel engines are available to meet the gap.


Some of El Hierro’s coastline…


A blog all about missing people, yet I haven’t mentioned them in this post yet.  I’m finding my way.  I’ve found my writing place, and in my pocket I have a list of the ten people mentioned on my site.  I will keep the list with me.

Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi. Georgina Michelle Adams.  Denise Jordan.  Georgina Gharsallah.  Leah Croucher.  Amanda Santos.  Nhu Phan.  Kevin Hicks.  And the two unidentified male bodies, the one from Holbeach, the other from Osterley Gardens.

No, I have no answers at the moment.  But they are on my mind.  Maybe something will happen to help these people and their respective families.

I was sat having one of many coffees this morning and flicked on to Twitter.  I came across an American organisation set up by Bruce Maitland whose 17 year old daughter Brianna tragically went missing in March 2004.  Bruce has set up and runs a nonprofit organisation to help people whose loved ones have gone missing by paying for private investigators.  The organisation is called Investigations for the Missing and can be found here.  Amazing work:



The little island of El Hierro.

el hierro

I have arrived on my favourite island.  The island of El Hierro, the smallest and most recently formed of Spain’s Canary Islands.  And the furthest West.  El Hierro can be the last port of call for yachts crossing the Atlantic from East to West.  Most people stock up with supplies in Tenerife or Gran Canaria not realising the gem of a place they then pass by.  El Hierro is known as the island with soul, and with its dramatic scenery, lush pine forests and sparse population barely numbering 10,000, El Hierro remains a magical place, ideal for rejuvenation, relaxing, and for finding yourself once again, after the rush of modern living elsewhere.

I have been here maybe 5 or 6 times, the last time being about 15/16 years ago.  Vague I know but I would have to sift through diaries which are back in the UK to pinpoint dates.  I would have to borrow my Mother’s too.  She kept an eye on my travels.  She still does. (Thankfully!).

I have come here to write.  I have come here to think.  I have come here to walk, to breathe freely, and to attempt to do some good in this world.  My subject, although this could change should the Universe, or God, or circumstances direct me otherwise, is the subject, reality, and horror of Missing Persons.  And my focus is to see, bringing with me my life experiences, whether I can be of any use in somehow reducing, (to a greater degree as possible), the horrors associated when someone goes missing.

Can I help?  Can’t I help?  I won’t know if I don’t try.

I have returned to my favourite island.  I have a typewriter.  I have use of laptops and libraries.  I have a hut on a hill without electric but with running water that I can live in.  I have a few possibilities of earning money through my trade as a cabinet maker.  I have the hills, the walking trails, a life experience to draw from, and I have a God I believe in that will surely tear me away from any direction that He/She/It doesn’t think I belong too, so long as I listen to that God.

15 or 16 years ago, on my last visit here I was on one of my many long walks.  I started on the South of the island and trekked for maybe 5 or 6 hours up and over the majestic volcanic ridge that marks this island as so dramatic.  Realising that darkness was approaching, and that there was no way I could safely trek back over the 1500 metre peak, I hunted for ways to get back to my caravan.  There was one way, but it was a bizarre way.  And it was a way, looking back, that could quite possibly have led me to have been a missing person myself.  (This is not the only incidence of its kind).  How stupid and careless can we sometimes be in moments of panic and nervousness.

El Hierro now has a tunnel linking the two sides of the island.  The tunnel, called Los Roquillos, is 2,240 metres long, and 15 or 16 years ago it was nearing the end of its construction.  Nearing it Simon, nearing it.

I found a long stick, walked past the no entry barriers, and as a blind person would do, scraped the tarmac in front of me whilst carefully hitting the kerb with the stick, every step.  This was an idiotic thing to do.  As the light of day went out behind me and I walked in the pitch black darkness, I relied on my stick.  There could have been many hazards in that 2,240 metres, holes, machinery, God knows.  Twenty minutes later, with a racing heart and a sigh of relief I saw the light of day again and the other side of the island.  I caught a bus back to my caravan in the dark.  How stupid can you be.  I could have been a missing person.  Anyone can be a missing person.  I use this affirmation alot now.  I WILL NOT BE A MISSING PERSON.

Have you ever affirmed this aspect of your life?


Off to be quiet.

To my knowledge, and I check on a regular basis, there has been no forward movement with regards to any of the ‘Missing People’ listed on my site.

I have had no replies from any of the Eastern European Embassies I wrote to about the unidentified gentleman found in Osterley Gardens on the 12th of June this year.

I recently tweeted again to both Essex Police and MissingPeople.Org as to whether Amanda Santos was still missing.  Amanda went missing from Essex on June 17th 2016. The reason I contacted both the Police and MissingPeople is because a) there seem to be no articles on the internet about her disappearance, and b) because I have found several people listed on various sites that actually were no longer missing but hadn’t been removed from these sites.  I still wonder if this could be Amanda’s case.  As I haven’t heard to the contrary, very sadly, she may well be still missing.

Dreadfully sad news came out on November 15th.  Hayden Croucher, brother of Leah who has been missing from Milton Keynes since February 15th of this year, took his own life, just the day before the 9 month milestone of Leah’s disappearance.  Hayden, like the rest of Leah’s family and friends have been so tortured since her disappearance.  Hayden could take no more. How very very very sad.  I can only send blessings and thoughts to this fragile and so wounded family.  God speed the day when they find answers to Leah’s disappearance.

Another Mother and another family struggle with the not knowing of why Georgina Gharsallah disappeared from her hometown of Worthing on 7th March 2018.  Andrea, her Mum, along with friends and family campaign endlessly for information about what has happened to Georgina.  A quiz night several months ago, organised by the campaigners raised funds to go towards raising the already £10,000 reward offered leading to concrete evidence.  Andrea is now organising a Race Night early in the New Year, to again raise more funds and more awareness.

I see no breakthroughs in the three people missing with a connection to Paris, France.  These people are Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi, missing since 25th September 2013, Georgina Michelle Adams, missing since March 2008 and Denise Jordan missing since November 2017.

Sixteen year old Kevin Hicks and the knowledge to his disappearance still remain a mystery having gone missing from Croydon way back on March 2nd 1986.  Alexandra, his sister continues to campaign to solve the years of horror she and her family have had to endure.  Alexandra is looking to see how she can work alongside the police to help others in similar situations to her own.  Thirty years of unwanted yet real experience could be so valuable.

To my knowledge 15 year old Vietnamese Nhu Phan is still missing having disappeared from Hornchurch on June 22nd 2018.

And again, another unidentified male body found at Spalding on 31st December 2018, remains unidentified.

How can we move these stories forward?  How can we help the Families and Friends so utterly devastated by such events?  Answers are out there.  They must be.  Something happened.  Truth remains somewhere.  How do we access that truth?  Are we the ones to help?

My last blogpost on 24th October was titled “Getting oneself in a position to ‘really’ help”.  This month I plan to make my way to a tiny island in the Atlantic.  It is a beautiful island, a quiet island, a restful island.  I have been there a number of times before.  Maybe if I am really quiet-I can help.

Getting oneself in a position to ‘really’ help.

Of the ten people listed on my website since 19th June this year, as far as I know, no light has been shed as to any of their whereabouts.

I recently e mailed ten East European embassies to ask if the Unidentified Body found in Osterley Gardens in London could possibly be one of their Citizens.  The photograph they show of his face seems to resemble that of an Eastern European gentleman.  I have had one immediate reply asking for more information.  I await any other communication.

Georgina Gharsallah’s mother, Andrea, has arranged for a vigil to be held in Worthing town centre at 7pm on Tuesday 29th of October to mark Georgina’s 32nd birthday, and to appeal for anymore information that might lead them to find out what happened to Georgina after she left her home on 7th March 2018.  Donal Macintyre, the investigative journalist, has offered Andrea his help and he is in the process of producing a series of 10 podcasts on Georgina’s disappearance.

Specialist divers have spent the past fortnight searching a lake close to Leah Croucher’s home in Milton Keynes.  Leah disappeared on the 15th February this year.  The search has been done because a witness came forward saying that she thought she had seen a distinctive hoodie that Leah was wearing when she went missing.  The hoodie has a unique name on it and the witness was only made aware of Leah’s story recently, hence the delay in any search.  The witness recalls seeing the distinctive writing on the hoodie which was hanging from a branch by the side of the lake in February.  Unfortunately, to date, the search has revealed nothing of important interest.

I intend to keep this website running for the time being.  My intention is to get myself in a much better position to be of help in the Missing Persons field.  Firstly, by not intruding when it is not my place to do so, secondly by listening as hard as I can to the forces that shape our World.  Those forces, I believe, know everything that happens in our lives, and if we ask quietly, sensitively, with no preconditions and with no egotistical traits in mind, I do believe we can somehow have answers revealed to us of certain Missing Persons stories.  Maybe all of them-in time.

Anchor Fm.

Anchor.fm “is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever“, so they say!  So I signed up and now I have a free hosting site for any podcasts I wish to make.  My first one on this site is 9 minutes 21 seconds long.  I had an interview a couple of weeks ago and the guy who did it, edited it and passed it over to me last night.

I showed it to a friend for feedback.  He liked it but felt it was too long and there were too many repetitions.

Do you have an opinion?  Too long?  Too many repetitions?  Too short?  Boring?  Not informative enough?  Brilliant?  Just right?

I would value constructive feedback.  Thank you.

Have you heard of The Missing Persons Unit?

I wonder how many people know about the UK Missing Persons Unit website and the work they do?  I wonder, for those people that don’t know, how interested they might be too know?

The missing persons phenomenon is very real, and in the majority of cases truly horrifying.  The Missing Persons Unit is the UK national and international point of contact for all missing person and unidentified body cases.  They are the only UK agency focused exclusively on missing people.  They serve all UK police forces as well as overseas police agencies.

Their national database provides a unique function enabling the cross-matching of outstanding missing individuals with unidentified people, bodies and remains.

Their extensive experience in dealing with missing person and unidentified body investigations provides an essential service to forces and can help resolve cases that may otherwise remain outstanding.  This can save police forces significant time and resources, and provide the friends and family of missing and unidentified persons with vital closure.

The website, www.missingpersons.police.uk was launched in November 2012.

Quite a number of the cases, or alternative word for case, unknown Human Beings who deserve equal recognition, have seemingly taken their own lives, presumably often through certain sad and distressing life experiences.

Do we, as onlookers, as concerned individuals have the right, the reason, the permission to help identify people who in their moments of despair wanted rid of this world?  Alongside those that chose to end their lives are also many people who have passed away through ill health, through accident, through old age.  Again, do we have the right to attempt to identify these people?  Can we make the world a better place by resolving such mysteries?  Will it help their individual souls?  Will it help the families and friends of the five hundred and sixty four people that are listed on this site?  One would hope so.  One would think so, in a lot of the cases.  One might hope, in all of the cases.

The fact that the UK Missing Persons Unit is asking for the public’s help in the identification of these people, firstly gives us, the public, permission to care, to look, to think, and to share the information displayed.

In the Press section of the website it states, Although many unidentified cases receive local or national publicity at the time they are found, this publicity may be short lived, and experience has shown that the families and friends of these people may not see or fail to recognize the significance of this initial publicity.  There is therefore a need to continually publicise these unidentified cases in order to maximise the possibility of families/friends who have lost contact with people or who have reported them as missing seeing the details of the case and recognizing that the individual may be their missing relative/friend.  The website also provides members of the public with the means by which to suggest possible identifications in a clear and simple manner through communication with the Missing Persons Unit, the details which can be initially reviewed without additional burden on police forces.

The search facility on the website is excellent, in my opinion.  It is wide reaching and is easy to use.  Having relatively quickly worked out how to use it I was able to ascertain that of the twelve hundred or so people of the Unit’s records five hundred and sixty-four people are listed on the site to date.  Of that large figure there are details of four hundred and ninety-two males, sixty-six females, and six whose gender are unknown.

Fifteen people are listed from the 1960’s, one hundred and sixty-four people from the 1970’s, one hundred and fifty-eight from the 80’s, eighty-five from the 90’s, ninety-three from the 2000’s and forty-seven people from the 2010’s.  I have one or two people in the wrong category in these statistics.  Apologies to those concerned.

And where do those of us with an interest in helping go from here?  Families and friends will potentially have the ability to give great focus and clarity to descriptions of their lost loved ones.  From being able to describe positions of bodily scars, clothing, jewelry, tattoos, height, complexion, gender and ethnicity, perhaps some extra hope can be found in many people’s long searches for those they fear are lost to the world.

For those of us who sit with concern and even wonder at how it is possible for so many people to lay unidentified, perhaps we can act on the words above in the Press section and share in the best way we can the details of the website so that I hope, closure and a degree of ease can be felt when a loved one has been found and a mystery understood.

On the website you will find four hundred and three people of white European make up.  You will find thirty people of Afro/Caribbean descent, eighteen of dark European, thirteen of Asian descent, ten Oriental and eighty-eight of unknown ethnicity.

You will be able to search for body peculiarities, piercings, where and when people were found, what they had on their possession and on many a body some quite startling and unique tattoos.  I sincerely believe a discussion amongst our World’s tattoo brotherhood might in time unearth some positive identifications.

Sharing the knowledge, expertise and excellent search facility on the UK Missing Persons Unit website might help somebody put years of pain and unknowing to rest.  We might be able to help in the recognition of a life help in limbo, name a person, log their contribution to a life lived on earth.

I wonder how many people do know of the existence of www.missingpersons.police.uk?  Do you?