This website…

…is dedicated to holding those that are Missing, and the Families and Friends of those that are Missing, in the highest possible light.

It is dedicated to attempting to help assist those looking for Loved Ones and Friends.

It is dedicated to attempting to help locate those that are Missing, in the safest, quickest and most sensible way possible, whilst at the same time paying great attention to the will of the Person who is actually Missing.

People have every right to disappear if they wish too. However, those that are looking for loved ones have an equal right to search, (in my opinion).

It is very much hoped that the work of this website will benefit the Missing Persons Field and not hinder it. So long as it benefits it, it will continue to function. Should it hinder it, the website will cease to exist.

This website will work with minimal social media help or exposure. It will be run through information found in newspapers, through posters seen in public areas, through word of mouth, through travels around the UK and Europe and through contact via this website.

For the time being I will be sharing the details of a maximum of ten UK Citizens that have gone missing either in the UK or in Europe.

Thank you for looking at this site.

A Prayer for Damien Nettles, his Family and Friends.

Damien Nettles was 16 years old when he went missing from his home town of Cowes on the Isle of wight, on the 2nd November 1996.  The audio I did on a walk today is just under 9 minutes long.  Would you be able and willing to devote 10 minutes of your time towards the quest in helping his Mum, Valerie; and his Family and Friends find out what happened to him all those years ago.  Many thanks for reading this far.  Many thanks if you listen further.  Thank you.


Recorded and posted with the permission of Valerie Nettles, Damien’s Mother.



An update to say that the cases of both Georgina Michelle Adams and Denise Jordan have been closed.  Official confirmation from the UK Missing Persons Police Unit.  Due to data protection no details have been released as to why their cases have been closed.  God bless all those involved with the lives of Georgina and Denise.  Georgina went missing in Paris in 2008 and Denise went missing in 2017 and later in 2018 was thought to have been in the Paris area.

On March 7th it was two years to the day that young Georgina Gharsallah went missing.  Her Mum Andrea is working tirelessly to attempt to find out what has happened to her daughter.  God speed answers for Andrea, Georgina’s two little boys, and all her family and friends.

Please God, help us now radically reduce the pain associated with Missing Persons.

Keep Trying…

I came to El Hierro to relax, to write, to think, to see what I could do to help in the Missing Persons field, (and to work!).

I have been tiptoeing around El Hierro a little the past few days.  I need to do a lot more of it.  Or at least I want to do a lot more of it.

I have added two more videos to my Patreon account in the the hope that they will kickstart some sort of support for my proposed work.

My one single Patron on the website has, since October, given me support not just in the total donations of ten dollars so far, but also moral support and in the fact that she wants to carry on with the two dollar a month donation-in return for content on the Missing Persons area.

By adding videos and content to my Patreon account I don’t at all necessarily expect more Patrons.  What I do expect, and hope for, is confirmation and support from the Universe that I am travelling in the right direction.

If you believe in something, you have to just keep trying.  Yes?


And here is a picture of my pallet sundial at work…


A Pallet Platform.


I had a dream last night.  I dreamt that someone asked me if I would like to be an after dinner speaker at a college.  One thousand three hundred and fifty people would be attending.  My immediate answer was yes.

I have never done an after dinner speech.  I have only stood and spoke in front of a few small audiences on a few occasions.  And not for many years at that.

The dinner came.  The dinner went.  I was never called up to give a speech.  As we all left the building one member of the supposed audience looked over at me and said to his mate, “That was the guy meant to be the after dinner speaker”.

Yes, I was disappointed, disappointed that I hadn’t been able to speak, disappointed that no one had called me up to speak.

What would you talk about if asked to stand up infront of an audience?

The picture above is of a pallet bench I have made to help me build a pallet house for a client.  It is on rough ground.  But the pallet bench is mighty strong.  I have a supportive platform to do my work from.

And what of talking?  How does one find one’s ‘mighty’ platform to usher words of wisdom, words of interest, words of support, words of humour and ultimately, words of value?  Does one simply draw from one’s life experiences and hope that those experiences can supply some, or all of the above?

I would talk about bullying.  I would ask those that are bullying to please stop.  I would talk about travel, and the experiences I have had after thirty years of on/off slightly mad and interesting travelling.  I would talk of the jobs and work that I have found abroad.

I would talk about Missing Persons, try and fit myself into a niche that could be of use in certain Missing Persons scenarios.

I would talk of my belief in a connection to the world we live in, and how, in my opinion we always have the chance to move out of situations we find difficult or hurtful.

I see around the world that many people who speak of their valuable life experiences, in many instances, actually put themselves forwards rather than wait to be asked to speak.  Many people feel compelled to share their lives with others, either as a need in themselves or because they truly believe they can enrich others in that sharing.

I tried to hire the Albert Hall in London once.  If I remember rightly it was going to cost seventeen thousand pounds for one night.  Seventeen thousand pounds to have the chance to stand before a potential audience of thousands.  It was around the time of the Middle East Gulf Wars, and I wanted to talk peace.  I didn’t get the seventeen thousand pounds.  I didn’t get my audience.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough.  Maybe it was the wrong thing to do.  Maybe it will happen in the future.  Maybe it won’t.

But should I try?  Should I try and get an audience, either a one-off audience or a longer term audience?  I can talk bullying, travelling, Missing Persons, the future of the Human Race.

Is it up to ourselves to create our audience?  Or can sometimes an audience appear from nowhere, out of the blue, like magic?  That would be the easiest way, then we wouldn’t have to look or make the effort to look.  But maybe the effort is all part of finding that strong and firm platform from where we are able to stand with confidence and share words of wisdom, interest, support, humour and value…


How do we help initiate calmness?

20200119_134717 (1)

This picture was taken in the afternoon on Sunday 19th January, this year, 2020. This is a view of the South West coastal area of the island of El Hierro, the furthest South and West of the Canary islands. This area of sea is called Mar Las Calmas, (Calm Sea).  It is part of the Atlantic ocean.  If you set sail on a sail boat, ordinarily, and with no mishaps and a near on constant North Easterley wind, you should reach the Caribbean within three to four weeks at an average speed of 5 or 6 knots an hour.

The high hill I am sat on shelters Las Calmas from the North Easterlies.  There was a gentle cool breeze yesterday, the only noise from that gentle breeze made by its journey through the pine trees.  The cool air here makes breathing easy.  The silence makes thinking easier.  It is the sort of place that reminds you that amongst the stresses of life, somehow, all can be well, somehow.

But how can you say this to someone who has a loved one or a friend who has gone missing?  How can you say to someone in this position that all will be well?

Because sometimes all is not well, all will not be well, and hope at all is hard to imagine, let alone find.

Can people who are suffering daily, minute by minute, second by second find some form of calmness amongst the madness and torture of their feelings?

Is there any way on Earth, or any thing on Earth that can give these people at least momentary times of calmness. periods of time, however small when they can feel at peace with their world, even if to return to their madness and torture shortly afterwards?

Are there words that can be said?  Are there places they can go?  Are there people they can talk to?  Are there people they can hold, are there people that will hold them?

The torture, grief, not knowing, horror and depression associated to people when loved ones and friends go missing is almost otherwordly.

These people need to feel a belonging.  They need, amongst their tortured feelings to still be, and feel, a part of this working World.

Through moments of calm can we somehow help their present situations?  We, as a World community must be able to do something, somethings, to ease their pain.

How can we start to create moments of ´clamness´ for those presently in so much pain?

( A blogpost from the island of El Hierro. An island, raw, dramatic and up close to nature).


Is that a word?  Is to be without a laptop-laptopless?  I don’t know.  But I think I might be without, for a while.  Having said that, after having tossed a coin as to whether to leave my personal laptop in Portugal whilst travelling to Spain and the result being I left it in Portugal, as soon as I arrived at my destination I was offered the use of a laptop-without even asking.  But I’m stopping tossing coins for the time being.  I am doing without a laptop.  I will be using my…


With El Hierro feeling the North East Trade winds on a near on constant daily basis, nature has to adapt to withstand the pressures.  I need the help of a professional photographer, for one of the most amazing things I have discovered in my walkings on this island, are the amazing spider’s webs.  The photograph I include below is of poor quality.  It is also not the type of web I wish to show.  But having caught sight of it as I was driving down the road, here is an example of the intricacy and strength associated with Canarian spider’s webs.  If you stop by my blog in another few weeks, I hope to show you some real beauties.


Walking in the pine forests high up on the volcano rim, with strong firm boots for safe hiking, (Christmas present.  Thank you Folks)…


…I can only revel in the cool refreshing air that equals any mountain air I have ever breathed before.  The silence of the forests, the pine needles underfoot, the forever green leaves, make breathing a joy.  Health comes with every breath.


The North East trade winds have provided El Hierro the opportunity to harness the wind’s energy and becomes the first 100% renewable energy island in the World.  The wind farm has the ability to meet El Hierro’s demand for electricity.  Any surplus energy is used to pump water up to two reservoirs, one at 700 metres above sea level, the other at 50 metres above sea level.  The water can then be used via hydraulic means to produce extra energy when needed.  Should energy levels drop unexpectedly then as a last resort diesel engines are available to meet the gap.


Some of El Hierro’s coastline…


A blog all about missing people, yet I haven’t mentioned them in this post yet.  I’m finding my way.  I’ve found my writing place, and in my pocket I have a list of the ten people mentioned on my site.  I will keep the list with me.

Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi. Georgina Michelle Adams.  Denise Jordan.  Georgina Gharsallah.  Leah Croucher.  Amanda Santos.  Nhu Phan.  Kevin Hicks.  And the two unidentified male bodies, the one from Holbeach, the other from Osterley Gardens.

No, I have no answers at the moment.  But they are on my mind.  Maybe something will happen to help these people and their respective families.

I was sat having one of many coffees this morning and flicked on to Twitter.  I came across an American organisation set up by Bruce Maitland whose 17 year old daughter Brianna tragically went missing in March 2004.  Bruce has set up and runs a nonprofit organisation to help people whose loved ones have gone missing by paying for private investigators.  The organisation is called Investigations for the Missing and can be found here.  Amazing work:



The little island of El Hierro.

el hierro

I have arrived on my favourite island.  The island of El Hierro, the smallest and most recently formed of Spain’s Canary Islands.  And the furthest West.  El Hierro can be the last port of call for yachts crossing the Atlantic from East to West.  Most people stock up with supplies in Tenerife or Gran Canaria not realising the gem of a place they then pass by.  El Hierro is known as the island with soul, and with its dramatic scenery, lush pine forests and sparse population barely numbering 10,000, El Hierro remains a magical place, ideal for rejuvenation, relaxing, and for finding yourself once again, after the rush of modern living elsewhere.

I have been here maybe 5 or 6 times, the last time being about 15/16 years ago.  Vague I know but I would have to sift through diaries which are back in the UK to pinpoint dates.  I would have to borrow my Mother’s too.  She kept an eye on my travels.  She still does. (Thankfully!).

I have come here to write.  I have come here to think.  I have come here to walk, to breathe freely, and to attempt to do some good in this world.  My subject, although this could change should the Universe, or God, or circumstances direct me otherwise, is the subject, reality, and horror of Missing Persons.  And my focus is to see, bringing with me my life experiences, whether I can be of any use in somehow reducing, (to a greater degree as possible), the horrors associated when someone goes missing.

Can I help?  Can’t I help?  I won’t know if I don’t try.

I have returned to my favourite island.  I have a typewriter.  I have use of laptops and libraries.  I have a hut on a hill without electric but with running water that I can live in.  I have a few possibilities of earning money through my trade as a cabinet maker.  I have the hills, the walking trails, a life experience to draw from, and I have a God I believe in that will surely tear me away from any direction that He/She/It doesn’t think I belong too, so long as I listen to that God.

15 or 16 years ago, on my last visit here I was on one of my many long walks.  I started on the South of the island and trekked for maybe 5 or 6 hours up and over the majestic volcanic ridge that marks this island as so dramatic.  Realising that darkness was approaching, and that there was no way I could safely trek back over the 1500 metre peak, I hunted for ways to get back to my caravan.  There was one way, but it was a bizarre way.  And it was a way, looking back, that could quite possibly have led me to have been a missing person myself.  (This is not the only incidence of its kind).  How stupid and careless can we sometimes be in moments of panic and nervousness.

El Hierro now has a tunnel linking the two sides of the island.  The tunnel, called Los Roquillos, is 2,240 metres long, and 15 or 16 years ago it was nearing the end of its construction.  Nearing it Simon, nearing it.

I found a long stick, walked past the no entry barriers, and as a blind person would do, scraped the tarmac in front of me whilst carefully hitting the kerb with the stick, every step.  This was an idiotic thing to do.  As the light of day went out behind me and I walked in the pitch black darkness, I relied on my stick.  There could have been many hazards in that 2,240 metres, holes, machinery, God knows.  Twenty minutes later, with a racing heart and a sigh of relief I saw the light of day again and the other side of the island.  I caught a bus back to my caravan in the dark.  How stupid can you be.  I could have been a missing person.  Anyone can be a missing person.  I use this affirmation alot now.  I WILL NOT BE A MISSING PERSON.

Have you ever affirmed this aspect of your life?