Joining up the dots…

Time for a change. I started up the project ‘Tiptoeing around Europe’ at the beginning of the year. The project’s aim is to find out how I can potentially help in the Missing Persons field. Travelling around Europe in my campervan didn’t seem like I was exactly ‘tiptoeing’. So this is the change. I intend to do some walking in Europe, with the theme of attempting to help solve some of the many extremely sad stories of UK Citizens that have disappeared both in the UK and across Europe. My first post on this new site is to share the true story of a man’s body that was found late last year, 2018, on the salt marsh at RAF Holbeach, Spalding, Linconshire. As yet, this man has not been identified, but you would think that with the gold winners medal, the ‘Belle’ compact mirror, and the Alice band, someone, somewhere ought to be able to join up the dots and find out the identity of this gentleman. I write these words realizing the sadness that must surely surround the ending of this man’s life.

I will write more as the project progresses. Thank you.

23.06.2019 Short update. I fell into my own trap. I wrote above about joining up the dots. So many missing persons cases do not follow the logic we all come to trust and understand. Here am I, saying that the gold winners medal, the ‘Belle’ compact mirror and the Alice band found with this man, ought to be able to join up the dots. This man might be a father. He might have been estranged from his family. He might have these three objects to remind him of his daughter. They might belong to her. She might have given them to him.

Yes, they might. Then I got thinking of my own life. I pick up litter. Very often I pick up random bits of plastic, and yes, I too could have picked up those three objects on any walk, in any place. Those three items would have just been litter. They would have had no other real bearing as to how I got to that place, and who I might be.

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