Anchor Fm. “is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever“, so they say!  So I signed up and now I have a free hosting site for any podcasts I wish to make.  My first one on this site is 9 minutes 21 seconds long.  I had an interview a couple of weeks ago and the guy who did it, edited it and passed it over to me last night.

I showed it to a friend for feedback.  He liked it but felt it was too long and there were too many repetitions.

Do you have an opinion?  Too long?  Too many repetitions?  Too short?  Boring?  Not informative enough?  Brilliant?  Just right?

I would value constructive feedback.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Anchor Fm.

  1. Evening Simon,

    I’ve just listened to your podcast and you asked for comments re length, repetition etc.

    I feel your podcast is neither too long, nor too short. Simon, you speak with warmth, passion and honesty about something that touches and drives you in this life. When you explain how, all those years ago, you were asked by a friend to look out for their son in the Far East and you miraculously came upon them – I feel and can see how that inspired you to follow this path – your tiptoeing.

    In this life one can get ‘lost’ and become ‘missing’ in many ways – even when you are still present in your families and loved ones life’s. However, the agony it must be to truly not know what has happened to someone close to you, where they are, are they alive, why? Just to try to make sense or at least know…

    So, I hope you are well, take it gently and wishing you safe journey.

    One thing re the patronage…I’ve looked at this and it is in dollars, I think….how does this work for the UK?

    Keep warm in Clarence.



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