Getting oneself in a position to ‘really’ help.

Of the ten people listed on my website since 19th June this year, as far as I know, no light has been shed as to any of their whereabouts.

I recently e mailed ten East European embassies to ask if the Unidentified Body found in Osterley Gardens in London could possibly be one of their Citizens.  The photograph they show of his face seems to resemble that of an Eastern European gentleman.  I have had one immediate reply asking for more information.  I await any other communication.

Georgina Gharsallah’s mother, Andrea, has arranged for a vigil to be held in Worthing town centre at 7pm on Tuesday 29th of October to mark Georgina’s 32nd birthday, and to appeal for anymore information that might lead them to find out what happened to Georgina after she left her home on 7th March 2018.  Donal Macintyre, the investigative journalist, has offered Andrea his help and he is in the process of producing a series of 10 podcasts on Georgina’s disappearance.

Specialist divers have spent the past fortnight searching a lake close to Leah Croucher’s home in Milton Keynes.  Leah disappeared on the 15th February this year.  The search has been done because a witness came forward saying that she thought she had seen a distinctive hoodie that Leah was wearing when she went missing.  The hoodie has a unique name on it and the witness was only made aware of Leah’s story recently, hence the delay in any search.  The witness recalls seeing the distinctive writing on the hoodie which was hanging from a branch by the side of the lake in February.  Unfortunately, to date, the search has revealed nothing of important interest.

I intend to keep this website running for the time being.  My intention is to get myself in a much better position to be of help in the Missing Persons field.  Firstly, by not intruding when it is not my place to do so, secondly by listening as hard as I can to the forces that shape our World.  Those forces, I believe, know everything that happens in our lives, and if we ask quietly, sensitively, with no preconditions and with no egotistical traits in mind, I do believe we can somehow have answers revealed to us of certain Missing Persons stories.  Maybe all of them-in time.

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