Off to be quiet.

To my knowledge, and I check on a regular basis, there has been no forward movement with regards to any of the ‘Missing People’ listed on my site.

I have had no replies from any of the Eastern European Embassies I wrote to about the unidentified gentleman found in Osterley Gardens on the 12th of June this year.

I recently tweeted again to both Essex Police and MissingPeople.Org as to whether Amanda Santos was still missing.  Amanda went missing from Essex on June 17th 2016. The reason I contacted both the Police and MissingPeople is because a) there seem to be no articles on the internet about her disappearance, and b) because I have found several people listed on various sites that actually were no longer missing but hadn’t been removed from these sites.  I still wonder if this could be Amanda’s case.  As I haven’t heard to the contrary, very sadly, she may well be still missing.

Dreadfully sad news came out on November 15th.  Hayden Croucher, brother of Leah who has been missing from Milton Keynes since February 15th of this year, took his own life, just the day before the 9 month milestone of Leah’s disappearance.  Hayden, like the rest of Leah’s family and friends have been so tortured since her disappearance.  Hayden could take no more. How very very very sad.  I can only send blessings and thoughts to this fragile and so wounded family.  God speed the day when they find answers to Leah’s disappearance.

Another Mother and another family struggle with the not knowing of why Georgina Gharsallah disappeared from her hometown of Worthing on 7th March 2018.  Andrea, her Mum, along with friends and family campaign endlessly for information about what has happened to Georgina.  A quiz night several months ago, organised by the campaigners raised funds to go towards raising the already £10,000 reward offered leading to concrete evidence.  Andrea is now organising a Race Night early in the New Year, to again raise more funds and more awareness.

I see no breakthroughs in the three people missing with a connection to Paris, France.  These people are Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi, missing since 25th September 2013, Georgina Michelle Adams, missing since March 2008 and Denise Jordan missing since November 2017.

Sixteen year old Kevin Hicks and the knowledge to his disappearance still remain a mystery having gone missing from Croydon way back on March 2nd 1986.  Alexandra, his sister continues to campaign to solve the years of horror she and her family have had to endure.  Alexandra is looking to see how she can work alongside the police to help others in similar situations to her own.  Thirty years of unwanted yet real experience could be so valuable.

To my knowledge 15 year old Vietnamese Nhu Phan is still missing having disappeared from Hornchurch on June 22nd 2018.

And again, another unidentified male body found at Spalding on 31st December 2018, remains unidentified.

How can we move these stories forward?  How can we help the Families and Friends so utterly devastated by such events?  Answers are out there.  They must be.  Something happened.  Truth remains somewhere.  How do we access that truth?  Are we the ones to help?

My last blogpost on 24th October was titled “Getting oneself in a position to ‘really’ help”.  This month I plan to make my way to a tiny island in the Atlantic.  It is a beautiful island, a quiet island, a restful island.  I have been there a number of times before.  Maybe if I am really quiet-I can help.

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