Is that a word?  Is to be without a laptop-laptopless?  I don’t know.  But I think I might be without, for a while.  Having said that, after having tossed a coin as to whether to leave my personal laptop in Portugal whilst travelling to Spain and the result being I left it in Portugal, as soon as I arrived at my destination I was offered the use of a laptop-without even asking.  But I’m stopping tossing coins for the time being.  I am doing without a laptop.  I will be using my…


With El Hierro feeling the North East Trade winds on a near on constant daily basis, nature has to adapt to withstand the pressures.  I need the help of a professional photographer, for one of the most amazing things I have discovered in my walkings on this island, are the amazing spider’s webs.  The photograph I include below is of poor quality.  It is also not the type of web I wish to show.  But having caught sight of it as I was driving down the road, here is an example of the intricacy and strength associated with Canarian spider’s webs.  If you stop by my blog in another few weeks, I hope to show you some real beauties.


Walking in the pine forests high up on the volcano rim, with strong firm boots for safe hiking, (Christmas present.  Thank you Folks)…


…I can only revel in the cool refreshing air that equals any mountain air I have ever breathed before.  The silence of the forests, the pine needles underfoot, the forever green leaves, make breathing a joy.  Health comes with every breath.


The North East trade winds have provided El Hierro the opportunity to harness the wind’s energy and becomes the first 100% renewable energy island in the World.  The wind farm has the ability to meet El Hierro’s demand for electricity.  Any surplus energy is used to pump water up to two reservoirs, one at 700 metres above sea level, the other at 50 metres above sea level.  The water can then be used via hydraulic means to produce extra energy when needed.  Should energy levels drop unexpectedly then as a last resort diesel engines are available to meet the gap.


Some of El Hierro’s coastline…


A blog all about missing people, yet I haven’t mentioned them in this post yet.  I’m finding my way.  I’ve found my writing place, and in my pocket I have a list of the ten people mentioned on my site.  I will keep the list with me.

Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi. Georgina Michelle Adams.  Denise Jordan.  Georgina Gharsallah.  Leah Croucher.  Amanda Santos.  Nhu Phan.  Kevin Hicks.  And the two unidentified male bodies, the one from Holbeach, the other from Osterley Gardens.

No, I have no answers at the moment.  But they are on my mind.  Maybe something will happen to help these people and their respective families.

I was sat having one of many coffees this morning and flicked on to Twitter.  I came across an American organisation set up by Bruce Maitland whose 17 year old daughter Brianna tragically went missing in March 2004.  Bruce has set up and runs a nonprofit organisation to help people whose loved ones have gone missing by paying for private investigators.  The organisation is called Investigations for the Missing and can be found here.  Amazing work:


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