Keep Trying…

I came to El Hierro to relax, to write, to think, to see what I could do to help in the Missing Persons field, (and to work!).

I have been tiptoeing around El Hierro a little the past few days.  I need to do a lot more of it.  Or at least I want to do a lot more of it.

I have added two more videos to my Patreon account in the the hope that they will kickstart some sort of support for my proposed work.

My one single Patron on the website has, since October, given me support not just in the total donations of ten dollars so far, but also moral support and in the fact that she wants to carry on with the two dollar a month donation-in return for content on the Missing Persons area.

By adding videos and content to my Patreon account I don’t at all necessarily expect more Patrons.  What I do expect, and hope for, is confirmation and support from the Universe that I am travelling in the right direction.

If you believe in something, you have to just keep trying.  Yes?

And here is a picture of my pallet sundial at work…


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