Finally getting around to updating blog and website. Apologies for not doing it sooner. As far as I am aware, through google searches primarily, sadly there seem to have been no positive movement in the small amount of but important life stories mentioned in this website.

Andrea Frances, Georgina Gharsallah’s Mum, ran, jogged and walked an exhausting 100km ultra marathon to raise awareness of Georgina disappearance and Missing Persons. This is the first of three that she is attempting. No doubt she will give it her all. Andrea is a fun runner at heart, not going out to break records, but what an achievement so far. I noticed, whilst being invited into her home for a cup of tea a year or so ago, the large number of medals hanging on the wall whilst going up the stairs. How many are there Andrea? 20, 30, 40?

I enclose a newspaper article about her run.


Over the past three months I have been attempting to see if I can help in the identification of a man named, ‘The Man from Balmore’. This gentleman was found in the woods next to Golf Course Road in the village of Balmore just North of Glasgow on the 16th October 2011. I enclose a short audio of where I am at with this. I returned to the woods yesterday. I talk to the guy every day, trying to see if he is ready to identify himself, or allow us to do so whilst investigating. His body was found in quite an amazing way. This finding leads me to feel an identification, with his permission, is possible. https://anchor.fm/simon-anthony-owens/episodes/The-Man-from-Balmore-e12ms45

I will keep you updated.

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