PI for God.

What does a private investigator for God look like? In my eyes it is a human being who either believes in a God, or is satisfied to trust in a God that provides guidance in helping solve seemingly complicated earthly situations. Whether that God is able or is willing to use that volunteer is only known when said volunteer offers himself or herself to that guidance.

I am no scholar, but the above words make quite a lot of sense to me.

So many earthly situations seem highly complicated, but in my opinion that God or earthly energy knows all the answers, knows all our histories, knows all our faults, our visions, our characters-and our potentials.

I once solved a robbery, not by intention, but by being at the right place at the right time doing the right thing. I knew of the crime but made no effort to try and solve it because I did not see it as my place to do so. But by simply buying a ladder from a local shop, circumstances quickly unravelled, a suspect was suggested, and all was made clear.

Similarly, by being given a photograph of a young lad who disappeared in a far Eastern country, without effort and any real intention, I bumped into the guy three hours after having landed in the country’s capitol, right people, right time, right place, right circumstances. Are there moments in your own life that seem miraculous, meant to be, coincidental, mind blowing?

And for the third blog post in a row I bring up the saying, When nothing goes right-go left.

I mention this quote for two reasons. The first reason I mention it is to those many many people who are searching for a loved Missing Person. To those people, who have tried all manner of ways to work out what has happened to them, maybe try a different direction. The second reason I mention it is for personal reasons, to attempt to find work or vocation within the Missing Persons field. I am sure I can help, somewhere, somehow.

To announce oneself, or apply in spirit to work for God as a gentle private investigator attempting to help solve complicated earthly situations, to me, is going left. It is not an ordinary job. There seems to be no job ads in the local newspaper for it. If you cannot find an outlet for your passions, create it.

I would imagine that work like this would involve no direct payment from anyone wanting help in finding a loved one or a friend. I will find ways to support my work financially, hopefully that will come with the job application-but I have no idea of the terms, but I am willing to bet that the terms could be good, and relative to the work undertaken.

Twitter seems to be my preferred method of advertising, but with new management there, who know what replies, if any, I may get.

This short piece of writing is a direct application to work for God as a private investigator and I imagine primarily in the Missing Persons and Unidentified Body field. Please do get in touch if any of the above appeals to you. Thank you.


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