Can we scale down the searching?

A body is burnt beyond recognition, the ashes buried, hidden, scattered in a body of water, a lake, the sea, underground-somewhere chosen by the perpetrator/s.

A human body is taken apart, hidden, where no one seemingly will ever find it.

A body is encased in concrete, weighted deep in an ocean, or added to the crushing and dispersing ability of a recycling centre.  How horrible.  How desperate.

However one disposes of a body, the truth of that action can never be lost.  The memory of that action will exist in existence, awaiting the ideal circumstances to be recovered, the perfect time.

When is that perfect time though?  Does it depend on the victim?  Does it depend on the perpetrator/s?  Does it depend on the searching energy of loved ones and friends?  Or does it simply, yet agonisingly, depend on the ability of that memory to reveal itself, in its own time, at its own discretion?

And what of the family, the friends, and much lower down the scale of grief, those concerned members of the public?

Are the family supposed to continually search for a body that potentially exists only in miniscule, hidden, scattered form?  How difficult is that, for the family, and for the search.

Are there searches for some of the Missing that are so difficult that no human being is able to find that person?

But what if nothing is impossible in this world?  What conflict… 

…fighting with the need to search, the need to know, yet considering the fact that you alone, quite possibly, cannot solve this appalling tragedy.

But how to know.  How to know that there is a suggestion out there to scale down the searching for your loved one-so that nature, God, life, can take over, and somehow give you solace, some form of peace, some belief that you have tried everything in your power to find your loved one.

Is it just that some interactions in life stop the flow of truth?

Is there a way to scale down these searches-and in turn allow another force to take over, the truth, the memory of the moment your loved ones were taken from the living?

Is there another way to reveal your long-awaited answers?

I believe it could be possible.  Do you?


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