Whose job is it anyway?

Ever since reading that a gentleman’s body was found hanging in a tree due to a wildlife photographer inadvertently taking photos in the woods where he was found; I make it a point to look up towards the sky, through the branches of trees, when I go out walking.  There is always a chance that I may discover someone else’s body.

Many missing people finally get discovered through chance encounters, situations where there is no pressure on them to be found, just a passer by in a wood, a jogger along a canal, an explorer in a remote jungle, a google photo of a car in a lake.

Are we in a position, and I think somehow we are, to bring these incidents we call coincidence, closer to the present time?  Are we able to look up-rather than down, search lakes, ponds and rivers?  Are we able to scour off-beat countryside, abandoned wells, dilapidated buildings and long forgotten landfills, for bodies that have been missing for years?

I think we are.

I think it is a question of not expecting immediate results but just tiptoeing into the unknown, thinking, just maybe, if we keep on trying, we will eventually start to bring those neat timings of coincidence closer to our present time.  In doing so, maybe we can reduce the horrors and the very long periods of time that so many families and friends have to wait, to find their loved ones.

If this is a notion, then whose job is it to undertake this work, this vocation, this service?  The police do not have the time, the manpower, or the funds to dedicate to such shot in the dark investigating.

But what of those of us who wake up every morning thinking, ‘surely we can find these people, surely we can solve this mystery, surely we can find a perpetrator-if there is one to be found’?

And of all the thousands of people who lay in mortuaries or on lists with photographs and stored belongings, who wait to be identified.  Surely, with dedicate time, and heavy listening to one’s intuition and heart, answers can be found, in a gentle, non invasive way.

Do you wake up every morning thinking about those that are missing, and the families of those that are missing?  I do believe there is a role for us.  But believing perhaps is not enough.  We have to put ourselves forward.  We have to say, “There is a role for those that can bring chance closer to the present moment”.


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