About me.

My name is Simon Owens. I am a 56 year old UK citizen, a cabinet maker by trade and I have travelled and worked abroad quite widely over the past thirty years. I have had a passion for wanting to help in Missing Persons cases for most of that travelling time too, since I once found a gentleman who had been missing for 9 months in a far off country.

I realise that I am unable to help everyone, but if there are some that I can, this website has been created to attempt to do what I can, positively, to attempt to help eradicate or lessen some of the horrific pain that is associated when people go missing.

I have suspended my Twitter, Facebook and last website accounts for the next twelve months as I wish to try and work in a more hands on way. I intend to do quite a lot of walking in the coming months and in those walks I intend to focus my mind on the Missing Person phenomena, and in turn see if I can be of any use as stated above.

Thank you for reading this, and if you think there is a chance I might be of any assistance in what I speak of, please do get in touch. Many thanks, Simon Owens.

Suspended accounts if you wish to look through my previous journeys and topics. Twitter username is @M25Roundabout. Facebook is under Simon Owens. Suspended website, http://www.theprofessionallitterpicker.com