Another Day of Prayer for the Missing.

Wednesday 18th November 2020 will be the second Day of Prayer for the Missing. Why? Because I went for a walk yesterday evening in the blustery wind and rain having asked God yet again to tell me what to do! And as I walked, memories of previous demonstrations and protests that I have done over the years flicked back into my thoughts. The amount of t shirts that I had written on, the sign writing I had done on various vehicles, the posters that I had put up.

So let’s do it again. The first Day of Prayer for the Missing that I organised a month or so ago was hastily put together. The Day didn’t get much coverage-but it happened.

I have made the date for six months time. No need to rush. I believe in the power of God, of the Universe, of Nature, of Life. I believe that the forces involved with these entities can help somehow in solving some of these agonising true stories.

I believe these forces have a memory that can somehow help us. These forces of nature need no cctv cameras, they need no eye witness’. The memory of what has happened to all those that are missing, in my opinion, are etched within the memory of time. People disappeared without trace. But something did happen. Explanations must be available.

The second Day of Prayer for the Missing attempts to link up with the forces of nature to somehow help us reveal what has happened to all those that have gone missing. The Day by no means guarantees miracles. It doesn’t guarantee results for All. But it does hope for miracles. It does hope for results. And it asks for the Universe to guide us safely and sensibly to actions that we can take to help reveal the answers to some of these true stories.

I will update a photograph of a t shirt with the Day‘s details on it. I will also update a photograph when I have sign written on my van, Clarence.

I am not going to concentrate of promoting the Day through social media. I will rely on my t shirts, my van, my blog, perhaps my Patreon page and anyone that wishes to get involved. It will be a simple day. I hope it will be an effective day. Thank you for reading this.

First bit of sign writing. More to come I expect.
A day of Prayer for the #Missing.

How do we help initiate calmness?

20200119_134717 (1)

This picture was taken in the afternoon on Sunday 19th January, this year, 2020. This is a view of the South West coastal area of the island of El Hierro, the furthest South and West of the Canary islands. This area of sea is called Mar Las Calmas, (Calm Sea).  It is part of the Atlantic ocean.  If you set sail on a sail boat, ordinarily, and with no mishaps and a near on constant North Easterley wind, you should reach the Caribbean within three to four weeks at an average speed of 5 or 6 knots an hour.

The high hill I am sat on shelters Las Calmas from the North Easterlies.  There was a gentle cool breeze yesterday, the only noise from that gentle breeze made by its journey through the pine trees.  The cool air here makes breathing easy.  The silence makes thinking easier.  It is the sort of place that reminds you that amongst the stresses of life, somehow, all can be well, somehow.

But how can you say this to someone who has a loved one or a friend who has gone missing?  How can you say to someone in this position that all will be well?

Because sometimes all is not well, all will not be well, and hope at all is hard to imagine, let alone find.

Can people who are suffering daily, minute by minute, second by second find some form of calmness amongst the madness and torture of their feelings?

Is there any way on Earth, or any thing on Earth that can give these people at least momentary times of calmness. periods of time, however small, when they can feel at peace with their world, even if to return to their madness and torture shortly afterwards?

Are there words that can be said?  Are there places they can go?  Are there people they can talk to?  Are there people they can hold, are there people that will hold them?

The torture, grief, not knowing, horror and depression associated to people when loved ones and friends go missing is almost otherwordly.

These people need to feel a belonging.  They need, amongst their tortured feelings to still be, and feel, a part of this working World.

Through moments of calm can we somehow help their present situations?  We, as a World community must be able to do something, somethings, to ease their pain.

How can we start to create moments of calmness for those presently in so much pain?

( A blogpost from the island of El Hierro. An island, raw, dramatic and up close to nature).


This website…

…is dedicated to holding those that are Missing, and the Families and Friends of those that are Missing, in the highest possible light.

It is dedicated to attempting to help assist those looking for Loved Ones and Friends.

It is dedicated to attempting to help locate those that are Missing, in the safest, quickest and most sensible way possible, whilst at the same time paying great attention to the will of the Person who is actually Missing.

People have every right to disappear if they wish too. However, those that are looking for loved ones have an equal right to search, (in my opinion).

It is very much hoped that the work of this website will benefit the Missing Persons Field and not hinder it. So long as it benefits it, it will continue to function. Should it hinder it, the website will cease to exist.

This website will work with minimal social media help or exposure. It will be run through information found in newspapers, through posters seen in public areas, through word of mouth, through travels around the UK and Europe and through contact via this website.

For the time being I will be sharing the details of a maximum of ten UK Citizens that have gone missing either in the UK or in Europe.

Thank you for looking at this site.