…or nature, or universal energy, spirit, creator, whatever you might call the energy behind life, is my standpoint, personal belief and strength that I draw upon within the Missing Persons field. I know that the very nature of Missing Persons is complication, so I therefore in now way wish to belittle the horrors and difficulties that loved ones and friends are faced with when a Family member or Friend goes missing.

I firmly believe that there is a force out there in the World that knows everything that happens throughout all our lives, and it is this belief that I wish to share, with those who wish to listen.

In no way do I say answers will therefore come instantaneously but I do believe that if we can believe that the truth is somewhere, then a certain confidence can come from this belief, and in turn God willing, a form of guidance or intuition can start off a series of events that could lead one closer to finding answers that so many people desperately need to find.

If this rings true to any of you, and you’d like to talk about the above words, please do contact me.

Thank you.