Men, Women and Children mentioned on this site.

-(Added to this site on 20.06.2021) Unidentified male body found in the woods off Golf Course Road in the village of Balmore just North of Glasgow on the 16th October 2011.

-(Added to this site on 19.06.2019) Unidentified male body found on salt marsh on December 31st 2018, RAF Holbeach, Spalding, Lincolnshire. UK.

-(Added to this site on 20.06.2019). Ms Leah Croucher went missing from Milton Keynes, UK on February 15th 2019, age 19 years. 21.10.2022 VERY SADLY IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT LEAH’S BODY HAS BEEN FOUND CLOSE TO WHERE SHE DISAPPEARED. GOD BLESS HER, HER FAMILY AND HER FRIENDS.

-(Added to this site on 22.06.2019). Age at disappearance 39. Mr Sanjiv ‘Tony’ Kundi last seen at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris on 25th September 2013. Age at disappearance 41.

-(Added to this site on 23.06.2019). Miss Georgina Gharsallah went missing from Worthing, Sussex on 7th March 2018, aged 31 years old. She has two children.

-(Added to this site on 01.07.2019).  Mr Kevin Hicks, aged 16 and from Addiscombe, Croydon, South London disappeared from his hometown on the evening of March 2nd 1986, over thirty years ago.

-(Added to this site on 29.03.2020).  Mr Damien Nettles went missing from his home town of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, UK on the 2nd November 1996.  Damien was 16 years old at the time.  For more information on Damien and the extensive search please visit

-(Added to this site on 22.04.2020).  Mr Tom Stewart.  Tom went missing from the Mount Carmel hospital in Malta on May 20th 2016.  Tom was 59 years old at the time.