Updates on Men, Women and Children previously mentioned on this site.

09.03.2020.  As of today, the cases of Georgina Michelle Adams who went missing from Paris in 2008, and Denise Jordan who was last thought to have been in the Paris area in 2018 have been closed.  Official information from the UK Missing Persons Police Unit.  No details of their closure has been given due to data protection.  God bless them both, their families and their friends.

01.07.2019  Hugely sad.  Police have confirmed that the body found on Friday on the Isle of Wight is that of missing activities instructor 22 year old Rosie Johnson.  ‘At this stage Rosie’s death is not being treated as suspicious’.

Rest in peace Rosie Johnson.  Rosie went missing on June 23rd 2019.  I hope that Rosie’s Family and Friends are showered in love.

01.07.2019  More very sad news.  A body, believed to be that of Mr Roy Morris has been found in woodland near Gerrards Cross.  Roy went missing from his home in Chalfont St Peter on May 26th 2019.  Extensive searches were made for Roy, and the public came forward with vital dashcam and cctv footage that helped police track some of Roy’s last movements.   As of this moment Roy’s death has been said to be ‘unexplained’.

Rest in Peace Mr. Roy Morris and deep condolences to all his Family and Friends that loved him.

04.06.2019  A women’s body has been found on a beach close to the area Vanessa went missing.  It is believed to be that of Vanessa but confirmation has not be given as yet.

Forty nine year old Vanessa Hodge from Dulverton was last seen on Wednesday May 29th 2019, last heard from the day after.  Police found her car in a Porlock car park, (Somerset) on June 4th.  They believe the car had been there for a while.

28.04.2020 Nhu Phan has been taken off the Missing People website. Due to data protection the public are not made aware of the reason for withdrawing her profile from their site. God bless Nhu Phan and her family and friends.

10.05.2020 The unidentified gentleman mentioned on the Missing Persons Unit website who sadly died in Osterley Gardens, Chevy Road, Southall, Ealing, London, has been removed from their listings. Hopefully the gentleman has been identifed. God rest his soul.