The Monarch’s Way.

Walking the 625 mile Monarch’s Way, from Worcester in the Midlands to Shoreham on the Sussex coast in many short stages, in support of, and attempting to help in, the Missing Persons field.

Walks so far: Shoreham, Sussex to Brighton, Sussex, 5 miles. (1.09.2020).

Charmouth, Dorset to West Bay, Dorset, 8 miles. (08.09.2020).

Wincanton, Somerset to Mere, Wiltshire, 9 miles. (13.09.2020).

A 7 minute podcast from the Wincanton to Mere walk. 13.09.2020–Wincanton-to-Mere-ejik3t

Mere, Wiltshire to West Knoyle, Wiltshire, 3 miles. (15.09.2020).

West Knoyle, Wiltshire to Hindon, Wiltshire, 3 miles. (18.09.2020). Total of 28 miles walked of 625 miles to do.